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VCL Security Systems Integrators has many years of experience in customised security and communications solutions for Residential, Corporate and Retail customers. Our tailored solutions using best of breed technologies offers systems to help strengthen your security estate and communcations infrastructure, protecting and enhanicing mobility for families, employees and assets. Our knowledge and experience in implementing turnkey solutions has helped to shape our deep understanding of the needs of customers cutting across private and public sectors. We plan, design, equip, install, construct and integrate a range of security and communications systems that keep people and premises safe and secure with supporting effective communications and collaboration over voice, video and chat.  


Whether a newly constructed building or residential estate, security and communications must remain paramount for the safety of people and property. Many often depend on security gaurds and adopt technologies when a security incident has occured. As we have seen in many cases, this is costly and counter productive often due to the loss or damage already caused. At VCL Security Systems Integrators, we take a 'better safe than sorry' approach and build residential security solutions to provide the security technologies you need in your residences to keep your families and properties secure.

Our Residential security team can implement a range of security and communication systems and solutions to help protect you against numerous threats that you may not have even considered to be a risk. We have many satisifed customers that we have delivered our solutions to. VCL Security Systems Integrators are one of the leading security and communications technologies provider in the Nigeria. We offer bespoke residential security solutions for a wide range of customers. 

Many of our customers have multiple properties and our systems provide them with remote access using their mobile devices. We provide an integrated security and communications solutions to a variety of customer homes, hotels and offices, that offers a complete peace-of-mind solution over families, employees and properties. We also deliver on-going training, support and maintenance to ensure the longevity of their platform.


VCL Security System Integrators provide Retail security intruder alarms, access control and video surveillance systems. With over 40 years combined experience in security and communications systems, we have all the expert knowledge to give you peace of mind.

We take a 360 degree view of your retail business to develop a comprehensive assessment of your needs and carry out a survey for a fully compliant security and system. 

VCL Security Systems Integrators offer a fully inclusive service to provide protection against all manner of security risks. Our systems can have many additional features that include:

  • Wired, wireless or hybrid systems
  • SMS or email alerts
  • Integrated video verification of alarm events
  • Remote control via smartphone app
  • Cloud based storage
  • IP PBX


VCL Security Systems Integrators are one of Nigeria's leading security and communications solution providers with a team of highly trained consultants and engineers. We provide a comprehensive suite of professional services to cater to a wide range of business needs that include access control, video surveillance, fire alarm and communication systems as well as the provision of monitoring, alerting, analysis, reporting, maintenance and support. 

Many of our customers meet their security objectives by leveraging our professional and managed services to implement, maintain and support their security systems and platforms. Some of their company security team efforts are further enhanced by the security technologies that we put in place. Our unified communications solution provided scalable platform for hardware independence and integrated mobility. Our support for corporate client also covers specialist situations or complex circumstances that our highly knowledgeable systems expert will be able to offer advice and guidance on. 

VCL Security Systems Integrators have vast local and international experience and we are your systems partners no matter what you need. Our consulting practice also helps customers to provide assurance that the integrity of their security plan has been verified by an external specialist. This is coupled with our vast engineering and networking capabilities in the implementation of security systems.


Cybersecurity threats are an unfortunate reality for everyone. VCL Security Systems Integrators will help you protect your business while still embracing new technologies. Our comprehensive assessment and analysis can reveal the gaps between where you are now and an adequately protected infrastructure. We provide clear roadmap and an action plan that designates the right people, processes and technologies to bridge the gaps.

Companies across the world spend over $100 billion on security products today. With cyber attacks growing in both volume and complexity and hacked data being sold for higher and higher prices in the black market, cybersecurity is becoming a major challenge for most companies.

VCL Security Systems Integrators is committed to providing solutions that support your needs for cybersecurity protection across all businesses and industries. We apply a rigorous methodologies in the development of our products and the implementation of our solutions. Our skilled and certified Cybersecurity professionals provide vendor-independent services to help you assess your risk, implement cyber-specific solutions, and maintain your defenses at your location.

As cyber attacks and threats become more complex, so do the tools that are being used to fight them. Our expert team leverage the latest technologies to detect and fight against cyber threats.

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