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All organisations need to protect their assets from intrusion, theft and other threats. Ensuring the safety of employees and controlling the movement of people with a predefined protocol is a necessary first step. VCL Security Systems Integrators designs and implements an all-integrated physical access control systems including access controller devices, software platform, and a suite of software application modules. Our comprehensive range of solutions maintains an optimum balance between productivity and security within your organisation.

VCL Security Systems Integrators have an expert team that install access control systems. Our wide range of world class technologies allows us to help and advise you on the ideal system for your needs, as well as supply devices.  We also implement access control systems that ensure that your assets and property is always kept secure.

Our access control solutions can be used for physical security access control as well as monitoring employee schedules and attendance in both domestic and professional environments and always give you peace of mind that only authorised individuals can access the restricted areas within your premises.

One of the benefits of our access control systems is the use of biometric technology that provides more granular security than using pin codes or cards. We offer a wide range of biometric solutions such as fingerprints, plam, facial, iris and voice recognition. Whatever you access identifier preference, our team can configure your system such that you can use a combination of these identifiers for additional security of your property to prevent unauthorised access to your company assets.

VCL Security Systems Integrators are Matrix Comsec partners, bringing to our customers a comprehensive combination of access control technologies. Matrix COSEC CENTRA is an enterprise-grade, web enabled application server, which controls and manages the entire system from anywhere in the world, at any time. COSEC CENTRA is the heart of the entire COSEC solution and acts as a bridge between applications and the devices. On the devices side, it facilitates the configuration of devices and communicates with the site controllers and door controllers. This helps exchange events and commands to show them live on the monitor screen. On the application side, the PLATFORM supports enrolling new users and manages organisation and user data. 

Having IP based architecture makes Matrix COSEC an ideal People Mobility Management solution. It covers multiple applications like web-based Time-Attendance system, Access Control, Cafeteria Management, Visitor Management, Employee Self Service, Job Processing & Costing, Contract Workers’ Management and Field Visit Management. COSEC CENTRA is an open system, allowing integration with third party software and hardware. Using API, Database to Database or Export Template Method, payroll integration can be carried out smoothly. Through auxiliary input and output ports in COSEC devices, Fire Alarm System, Video Surveillance System, Relay and other devices can be connected without any need for external hardware modules.


Every year businesses lose a lot of money due to improper time clock management. This helps to prevent any mistakes or fraudulent activity when it comes to your employees clocking in and out of their shifts. VCL Security Systems Integrators offer customers best of breed time and attendance systems. This also includes Matrix Time-Attendance systems that provides full automation of attendance management.

Manual attendance marking and estimation leads to unnecessary expenditure of time and cost for many organizations. Human errors and fraudulent time keeping are issues that affect productivity. VCL Security Systems Integrators supplies and installs automated time and attendance management systems for enhancing productivity of our customers.  

Our Time and Attendance system is an automated attendance management software that records the attendance data of a user and generates various reports for the further actions. It not only saves administrative cost but also facilitates HR to centrally manage the attendance policies from multiple locations. Automatic calculation of overtime, leave balance, enables managers to work more efficiently.

We implement standalone or network based systems that are ideal for Schools, Hospitals, Government Institutes, Banks, Remote Sites, Hotels, Small/Large Enterprises and many more. HR can easily utilize employee attendance management software for employee review, appraisals or monthly salary calculation.

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