Our expert security consultants are able to use our vast resources and knowledge to accurately assess your estate and properties for potential threats, focusing on the risk elements and the right course of action to be taken to optimise protection needed. We have over 20 years of experience in preventing high risk situations. 

VCL Security Systems Integrators provide our experienced team of security consultants to carry out here thorough security system reviews and assessments whether it is for your home or business environment. We conduct surveys of properties, surrounding areas, regular daily activities as well as the people visiting and using your buildings.

Whether you have existing system in place or you would like one developed, our team have a vast expanse of knowledge and will be able to fully advise you on what the best course of action is and whether you need any additional security infrastructure and support to ensure both your people, assets and premises are safe.

We carry out thorough and detailed risk assessments that helps you evaluate the level of security in your organisation and advise you on our analysis of potential risks and any weaknesses or loopholes in the current security systems and procedures.

Our dedicated team will deliver a detailed report including a list of practical recommendations to help you improve on the current levels of security. Whether it is a one off event or your day to day security you need assistance with, VCL Security Systems Integrators are here to help.

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