VCL Security Systems Integrators has extensive experience providing security training tailored to each client’s needs, whether one-day introductory sessions, refresher programs, or multi-day curriculums.

At VCL Security Systems Integrators, we work with customers to understand their security training needs and customise and training program around their staff, facility and risk. Our work is tailored directly to each client for those purposes. It is our aim to help our clients reduce risk through effective security training that can also be related to optmising the value of the security systems we deliver to them. 

General Security and Safety Training

We also offer general security and safety training that focuses on threats and risks our client face as related to their particular industry, security needs and circumstances. Our training is typically preceded by a review of the operation in question, an analysis of organizational threats and interviews with security professionals and operational management the organization is to protect.

Based on this review and analysis, we provide:

  • Threat and risk analysis
  • Risk management and mitigation strategies
  • Preparation and implementation of security plans
  • Basics of security methodologies (concentric layers of protection, use of personnel, processes and technology, information security) 
  • Governance issues, such as the organization’s code of conduct, local regulation, international principles.
  • Detecting hostile or suspicious activity in the workplace
  • Implementation and training of EAP (Emergency Action Plan)
  • OSHA required safety and health standards training

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